Registrations for the new term certificate courses that are open to the members of the society have started at the Arkin Center for Art&Design, a part of the Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design. Arkin Center for Art&Design offers a choice of 15 different courses that include Glass Workshop, Painting, Film Production, Animation, Portfolio Preparation and Presentation.   


Glass Workshop, Fusion Workshop, Hot Glass Workshop, Ceramic, Pottery Wheel, Sculpture, Portfolio Preparation and Presentation, Digital Photography, Desktop Publishing,  Illustration, Graphic Design; Photoshop and Illustrator, Animation, Film Production, Creative Writing, English Language and Greek Language courses start on 25 February.

Package Programmes Designed for Prospective Students Preparing for Proficiency Examinations

A package programme that will cover Portfolio Preparation and Presentation techniques and English Language education is also offered for prospective students preparing for the aptitude exams of fine arts, design and communication departments. At this programme, while finding the opportunity to improve their Portfolio Preparation and Presentation techniques, the students will also be preparing for the English Proficiency Exam.

Lifelong Education Course Programmes          

Associate Professor Alev Adil, Arkin Center for Art&Design Director said “Arkin Center for Art&Design is here to meet the cultural information and personal experience needs of the society where every generation is represented. We offer lifelong courses for everyone who want to awaken their creative talents, no matter how old they, or what their educational background and skills may be. Our University, which boasts the most technologically advanced glass workshop of the island, is currently home to a total of four workshops (Printing Workshop, Glass Workshop, Ceramic Workshop, Wood Workshop), six studios (Animation Studio, Photography Studio, Painting Studio, Digital Production Studio, Design Studio, Basic Art and Art Drawing Studio) and three laboratories (Mac Laboratory, PC Laboratory, Fab Lab). With the support of this wide range of facilities, we offer our courses an education in a lively and inspiring environment at our Kyrenia Campus”.

In addition to offering certificate course programmes that provide professional and personal education required by the society and workforce, Arkin Center for Art&Design is also in possession of an infrastructure needed in the areas of art activities, design products, and communication.

For more information on courses and applications: / / 0392 650 65 55

Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Akkaya’s “Encounters” solo exhibition is opening.

Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Akkaya’s “Encounters” solo exhibition is opening.

Mustafa Akkaya employs particular facets in his most recent art practice with highly sophisticated sculpture-based 3D printed figures of ordinary people, animals, or objects, which are generally contrived elegant “yet potentially evil since they are strange and uncanny” regarding their multi-facetted tyranny of reality. His art works have the quality of bringing up what happens on most occasions or in most situations of declining hegemonic desire by revealing the symptomatic constructs of sovereign risks of our time.

Akkaya presents newly produced works in his solo exhibition in ENCOUNTERS in which he features on the issues with migration as well as “existential territories”. His artistic practice points out where difference constructs all determining meditations beyond micro and macro emancipation that almost leads us to a ”perpetual dislocation”, reflecting what defines the conjecture of social forces. Hence, Akkaya’s artistic exploration stimulates some new forms of transition consisting of its potential omnipresence through its multiple facets. It is this combination of diverse elements of dislocation that inevitably defines the cultural immersion through an existential ambiguity in various local conjectures.

The presentation of poetry book and exhibition of its illustrations at Art Space (Finished)


The presentation of Tamer Öncül and Hasan Kahya’s poetry book and exhibition of its illustrations drawn by ARUCAD lecturer A. Ceren Asmaz, will be held on October 18.

The exhibition is organized by Art Rooms and will be open for visitors between October 18-31 at Art Space in Nicosia.